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Solidworks using a Wiimote

Research Retrospective – Play SolidWorks IIStill on the theme of determining whether a game-controller is a suitable device for driving SolidWorks, an investigation from a few years ago at the DS SolidWorks UK Cambridge Office, explored using the Wiimote game-controller.The Wii is a game console from Nintendo. One of its unique features is the wireless controller, the Wii Remote, also commonly known as the Wiimote, which is a handheld pointing device. The device can detect motion and rotation in three dimensions using a combination of accelerometers 3-axis motion sensors and infrared detection to determine its position and movement in 3D space. The controller also has a rumble vibration feature and an internal speaker.Communication with the game console uses Bluetooth technology which enables the wireless signal to be detected within 10 metres of the console. The device can operate as a pointing device when used within 5 meters of the screen.

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Report: Mobile and Classroom Technologies Surge in Schools — THE Journal

About half of all public schools in the United States are providing handheld devices to administrators, teachers, or students, and, according to a new report released by the United States Department of Education, every single public school in the country is using computing technology in some way as part of instruction.

The report, “Educational Technology in U.S. Public Schools: Fall 2008, First Look,” gathered responses from more than 1,500 schools in all 50 states and the District of Columbia in fall 2008, with data weighted to represent all primary and secondary schools in the United States. The report is designed to provide national estimates on “the availability and use of educational technology in public elementary and secondary schools” for the reporting period. It’s part of a triptych of reports that includes district, school, and teacher surveys.

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CTL 2Go Classmate PC Software Walk Through

Intel’s Classmate PC apart from being rugged also comes with a whole host of software that focuses on handwriting, organizing school projects and the ability to create their own ebooks.The Classmate PC has a Atom N450 CPU, 1GB of RAM, 160GB HDD and is a convertible tablet. It offers eReading applications, water-resistant keyboard, touchpad and screen, improved ruggedness with drop test from desk height, bump and scratch resistance surfaces and structures, and an optional anti-microbial keyboard. In tablet mode, the “palm rejection” feature ignores the touch of hands resting on the screen, allowing students to write and draw intuitively. If the unit comes stocked with the 6 cell battery you’re looking at 8.5 hours of battery life with WiFi and provides the options of 3G, GPS & WiMAX. Video after the break

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Teacher Collaborative Network.

Cheatsheet for google wave

Currently there are teachers in the technology subjects (Construction Studies, Engineering, Design and communication Graphics and Technology) at second level collaborating on resources. These resources include:

  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • CAD Drawings
  • Solidworks Projects
  • Visual Aids
  • Reusable learning objects

See the images of the program after the break below

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Google wave in Education

Google Wave can be used in a number of ways. In this presentation from John Jennings he explores different uses along with what google wave can be used for:

John Jennings will be speaking at ICT in Education Conference 2010 on Google Wave in Education, looking forward to hearing his thoughts.

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